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If you want to make your business official—and attract investors—consider a corporation. Incorporating your business allows you to be off the hook personally for its debts and liabilities. Plus, you can issue shares and raise capital down the line.

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What is a corperation?

A corporation is a business entity created by filing formation documents with the state, a process also known as incorporation.

Just like an LLC, a corporation is a legal entity that is separate from its owners, which can protect you from any business liabilities or debts. However, corporations offer other important benefits, like shareholders and the ability to seek outside investors.

What are corporation requirements?

Corporations are typically required to adopt by-laws, hold annual shareholder meetings, issue written corporate resolutions for significant decisions, and file annual reports. Our service allows you to efficiently form your corporation the right way. We also have packages with essential documents and services to meet these corporation requirements and keep you in compliance.

What are the advantages of a corporation?

Attact Investors

Raise funds by appealing to investors who may prefer corporations for the ability to offer stock.

Entice employees

Attract and keep top talent by offering competitive benefits packages that include shares of your company.

Look more official

Corporations are often seen as more credible, which can make it easier to do business with other companies.

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